CEO and Founder's Message

We started the initiative and accepted the challenge to develop, represent and serve medical and health services to healthcare professionals and the general public, through advocacy, educational programs, research, publish articles, journals and provide consultancy in the field of medicine, health and such other facilities and services relating to medical and health sciences services committed to health improvement and building healthier lives on November 21, 2013 to establish Academy of Global Education (AGE).

We were in a race against the time, we accepted the challenge to build an entire academic organization in medical and health sciences services committed to health improvement and building healthier lives in India to by way of educating people.

Our vision is to provide high quality education and health, value research, contribute to knowledge and serve the societies globally through learning, teaching, creativity, innovation and lifelong learning by using current and future technologies and to regional leadership and international excellence in preparing competitive and creative outcomes in medical and healthcare services and we achieved it by grace of Allah.

What increases our excellence are the outstanding education of our participants, both in the classroom and simulated skilled area. Excellence of teaching faculty members and dedication of the staff to achieve the mission, vision and objectives of our organization. We thanks and extend our gratitude to those participated in the process of construction whose efforts have been instrumental.

The organization was able overcome in short period to train and educate distinct competencies to the labor market in the science of medical and healthcare system and was also able to complete the process towards excellence and leadership.

Our research mission is to conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing society at the local, national and global level in educational, medical and healthcare system.

In conclusion, the organization still has a lot of aspirations and goals will seek to be achieved to complete construction and development.