My Math Academy is a pre-K through 5th grade solution designed to significantly accelerate mastery of skills, build math fluency, and boost student confidence.


Personalized, Adaptive Learning

Every student has a personalized path to mastery through precise placement, guided instruction, immediate and actionable corrective feedback, and embedded assessment, supporting individual growth.

Real-Time Dashboards, Actionable Insights

Dynamic Dashboards enable educators to take immediate action to support each student’s progress toward mastery.

Strengthening the School-Home Partnership

The easy-to-use Caregiver Center encourages and enriches the school-home connection and helps foster positive collaboration.

Built on Research

Proven effective and designed to accelerate learning outcomes for early learners, My Math Academy is the result of more than eight years of research and development, including extensive in-classroom testing with multiple efficacy studies involving thousands of diverse students.

Research Brief

My Math Academy™ Significantly Accelerates Early Mathematics Learning

Research Brief

Palm Beach County Pre-K Students Experience Significant Growth

“At the beginning of the year…25% of my students were on track. At the end of the year, 95% of my students were on track.”

—Pre-K teacher, Texas

“My Math Academy caught their attention, and it has maintained their interest throughout the year. They never got bored. They always looked forward to it because it wasn’t the same thing over and over and over as I’ve seen with some other programs.”

—Kindergarten teacher, Texas

“I’ve noticed such a big difference in my students, especially their confidence. My Math Academy makes them feel like they can solve any problem in the world.”

—3rd grade teacher, Texas

Help Every Student Build a Strong Foundation for Success

Give your students an effective, equitable, powerful early learning experience.

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