Adventure Academy

The First Educational Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) for Kids Ages 8 to 13

Adventure Academy immerses elementary- and middle-school-age students in a safe virtual world where every activity is designed to build critical knowledge in academic subjects, including language arts, math, science, social studies, and more.

With thousands of activities to choose from, including videos, games, books, quizzes, and other interactive elements, kids can build critical knowledge, pursue their interests, and personalize their learning experience by creating an Avatar, completing Quests, and interacting with their peers.


Adventure Academy’s Learning Activities are created by a team of 40+ curriculum experts and cover all major academic domains. Through gameplay, kids build critical knowledge and skills in reading comprehension, mathematical operations, world geography, scientific inquiry, and much more.

Immersive Learning

In Adventure Academy’s expansive, multizone world, kids are free to explore engaging educational experiences using the Questing system to level up and unlock new zones. They can also visit a virtual store, buy pets, get clothing and accessories for their Avatar, join Clubs, and use the Safe Chat system to communicate with other players.

Safe Environment

Adventure Academy has earned the kidSAFE+ Seal as a COPPA Compliant program, ensuring a secure digital learning environment free of ads and in-app purchases where every experience is educational. Its safe social elements also promote engagement, motivating kids to explore and learn more.


Adventure Academy is this amazing world, that any kid would love to be a part of. It doesn’t feel like other games that are out there. It’s an interactive experience with so many educational opportunities.
— Mother of a 7-year-old girl

Adventure Academy has been a great way for my children to explore subjects that haven’t even been covered in school yet. [There’s] language arts, geography, geometry, and activities and games that support each subject. They have learned so many
different things and it’s fun all at the same time.

—Mother of 7– and 10–year–old boys

We loved ABCmouse but when they started getting a little older, I felt that void of now what? And then I saw this ad for Adventure Academy. [It’s] from the creators of ABCmouse, so I already had that built-in confidence. My kids love it, and they are learning every step of the way.

—Mother of three

— Family

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