The Most Downloaded Kids' Education App in the U.S.

ABCmouse Early Learning Academy is the leading and most comprehensive early learning program for children ages 2–8.


Expertly designed to help prepare young learners for kindergarten and beyond, it offers a research-validated curriculum for preschool, pre-K, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade, with more than 11,000 individual Learning Activities and over 850 complete lessons along a Step-by-Step Learning Path.

ABCmouse encompasses key academic subjects, including literacy, math, science, health, and social studies, and offers many art- and music-based activities. To date, children have completed billions of Learning Activities on ABCmouse.

Expertly Designed

Each ABCmouse activity is developed by master educators and classroom teachers with deep curriculum expertise, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Highly Engaging

With an individual Learning Path for every child, ABCmouse provides rich, enjoyable Learning Activities designed to engage young learners and promote academic success.


ABCmouse is backed by rigorous research, demonstrating that it helps prepare young learners for kindergarten and beyond and make significant gains in early math and reading skills.

“The BEST children’s educational site that I have ever used. Even my 4th grader begs her sister to let her play!”

—Mother of 4–, 5–, and 10–year–old girls

“We LOVE! Excellent, age–appropriate lessons and comprehensive offerings. I also love that the program is so customizable.”

—Mother of 3–year–old boy

“Wow, this is the best site for young children that I have ever seen! It is not only fun for children but extremely educational.”

—Mother of 5–year–old girl

— Family

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