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Age of Learning offers a full spectrum of evidenced-based, instructional math and reading supplemental programs and professional learning. Our solutions support equitable instruction and teacher effectiveness that align with these ARP ESSER allowable uses:

Education technology
Addressing interrupted learning
Hybrid and remote learning
Professional learning
Summer learning/enrichment/after school/extended day
Supporting diverse student populations
Social and emotional learning needs

See How My Math Academy and My Reading Academy Align to Funding

Discover how you can take advantage of Federal funds to support learning and enhance your classrooms with Age of Learning’s programs. Evaluate our evidence-based solutions today!

Title I

How Funding Can Be Used

Title I, Part A is an account worth $15 billion per year that offers additional assistance to schools that serve many economically disadvantaged students.

The distribution of funds is based on the number of students from low-income families in those schools.

The purpose of these funds is to ensure that every child receives a top-tier education and to narrow academic achievement gaps.

Although the funds can cater to the needs of all children in the school, they are especially geared toward those who are at risk of falling short of the rigorous academic standards set by the state.

Our Solutions Qualify for Title I Funds

My Math Academy and My Reading Academy meet Title 1 funding criteria with evidence-based, research-backed instruction that is designed to increase learning outcomes for all students, including the needs of at-risk students.

Title II

How Funding Can Be Used

Title II, Part A is a yearly account of $2 billion that allocates funds to states and districts with the aim of enhancing the proficiency and efficacy of teachers, principals, and other school leaders.

Many of the funds (95%) are designated for districts to promote evidence-based, customized professional development and to facilitate effective professional learning programs.

Our Solutions Qualify for Title II Funds

Age of Learning provides professional development programs and teacher resources that equip participants with a wide range of effective tools to enhance their teaching practices.

Title III

How Funding Can Be Used

Districts utilize these funds to (1) offer professional development sessions to improve language instruction for English Learners, (2) provide a Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP), and (3) conduct parent, family, and community engagement (FACE) activities.

Title III, Part A is an allocation of $737 million per year aimed at supporting the development of effective language instruction programs to enhance the education of English learners (EL) and immigrant youth. It assists them in learning English and helps them meet the same rigorous academic standards as their peers.

Our Solutions Qualify for Title III Funds

Age of Learning’s solutions can enhance instructional programming for English learners (ELs) by providing relevant parent engagement, content and pedagogy, and additional platform features.

Title IV

How Funding Can Be Used

Title IV, Part A is a block grant of $1.1 billion that complements the efforts of Title I, II, and III programs by providing supplementary funding for one of three overarching categories: (1) all-inclusive educational programming; (2) guaranteeing a secure and healthy learning environment; and (3) the proficient use of technology by students and staff in schools.

Up to 25% of the allotted budget for the efficient use of technology may be utilized for procuring technology infrastructure, including software.

Our Solutions Qualify for Title IV Funds, Part A and B

My Math Academy and My Reading Academy also meet Title IV criteria by providing students with technology that can improve academic achievement. Our programs deliver a personalized, game-based technology that includes guided instruction, corrective feedback, and embedded assessment to help students achieve mastery of key knowledge and skills.

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