Success Stories

Learn how educators are using our programs to boost student achievement!

Transforming Education: Jefferson County’s Journey

Watch the compelling journey of Jefferson County educators and students. Through innovative adaptive technology and targeted initiatives, this video showcases the remarkable progress students made in learning essential literacy and numeracy skills using My Reading Academy and My Math Academy.

Building Kindergarten Readiness in Palm Beach, Florida

Watch the impactful partnership between the Palm Beach Early Learning Coalition and Age of Learning to build kindergarten readiness in young learners.

Impacting Early Learning in Texas

Witness the remarkable impact of Age of Learning’s evidence-based programs on early learning in Texas. By aligning with the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines and providing high-quality early learning experiences, Age of Learning has enabled students to make significant gains in essential skills, setting a strong foundation for their future academic success.

The results are in and we are proud to announce the semifinalists for the 2024 Age of Learning Educator of the Year Award..

Plainfield Public School District—with 24% of its students proficient in ELA and 8% in math—recognized the need to support all students in developing foundational skills, including Multi-Language Learners and students in special education and Implemented My Math Academy and My Reading Academy. 

Principal Jennie Hoke at Sally Jones Elementary wanted her kindergarten and 1st grade students to improve their number sense and operations skills and help initiate a love and enthusiasm for math that was not being created by other programs. 

16 teachers working with pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade students who used My Math Academy outside of the classroom made substantial gains in Math. 

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