Meet the 2024 Educator of the Year Semifinalists

Honoring Innovators in the Classroom 

The Age of Learning Educator of the Year Award honors a commitment to guiding students to success. Each of these semifinalists has demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and impact in their teaching practices and communities. Their commitment to inspiring future generations sets a powerful example of what it means to strive for excellence in education. 

Our Semifinalists:

Megan Crow
Pre-K Teacher, Woodland Heights Middle School, NC
Bryan Doolan
Special Education Teacher, Woodland Heights Middle School, NC
Selena Holguin
2nd Grade Math Master Team Reach Teacher, Pease Elementary School, TX
Shennet Josiah
K/1 Teacher, Harry S. Truman School, NJ
Chantel Little
1st Grade Teacher, Brownsville Area Elementary School, PA
Maria Malagon
Pre-K Teacher, Dallas Independent School District, TX
Angeline Marie Osana
Special Education Teacher, Jefferson Elementary School District, CA
Mary Rudd
Pre-K Teacher, Hazel Owens Elementary School, TX

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